Some European carriers are apparently unable to offer their fast wireless service on the iPhone 5. This means Samsung should thank Apple. Several of the wireless operators are now offering discounts on Android smartphones to appease consumers.

Vodafone Group and Telefonica’s O2 already offer Samsung, LG, and HTC devices that run on their 4G networks. But those are compatible to frequencies other than the 1,800 MHz band for iPhone 5. So for consumers it comes down to Apple’s software versus the better speeds of the Samsung Galaxy’s plus the new discounts.

LG Smartphone Optimus G

LG Smartphone Optimus G

Deutsche Telekom and France Telecom are able to offer the Apple device on their high speed networks. But in the U.K. customers will have to wait for the launch of the EE network which is set to launch its 4G service in the next few weeks on a frequency that is also compatible with the Samsung Galaxy S3 and Nokia’s Lumia line. In addition, with the iPhone 5 only rolling out gradually into countries, Samsung and Nokia will have some time to attract customers to their devices.

In addition LG Electronics has unveiled its latest high-end smartphone packed with powerful hardware upgrades in Seoul on Tuesday, as the struggling South Korean firm tries to win market share from Apple and Samsung Electronics in the crucial holiday quarter. LG’s handset business, which was slow to move into smartphones, hopes the new Optimus G will also help it compete against Google’s Motorola, Taiwan’s HTC Corp. and China’s ZTE and Huawei.

The Android smartphone will go on sale next week in South Korea for 1 million won (Rs.50,000), and later in Japan and the US. The Optimus G is equipped with a quad-core Snapdragon processor, a 13mpx camera and 4.7 inch screen with a sharper picture quality than Apple or Samsung can offer. It will work on superfast mobile networks and is optimized for multitasking like showing videos while sending text messages or searching the Web.

Happy iPhone 5 Customer

Happy iPhone 5 Customer

Long lines greeted Apple’s iPhone 5 retail debut Friday. Reports suggest that lines outside stores were longer for the iPhone 5 than for last year’s incremental upgrade, the iPhone 4S. Apple (AAPL) shares rose 0.2% to 700.09 on the day the new iPhone was first sold worldwide. Earlier in the day, the stock hit 705.07, its sixth record high in the last seven trading days.

Analysts have high hopes for the smartphone, which features a larger display (4 inches vs. the previous 3.5 inches), 4G LTE wireless capability, speedier processor and better camera. While fans eagerly awaited the new phone the technology is not all new. Apple is merely catching up with what Android phones have been offering for months.

Apple’s smartphone business is the company’s largest, accounting for 46% of sales in the June quarter. However the company does not own the majority of the smartphone market. Some believe that people are currently migrating from Research In Motion’s (RIMM) BlackBerry to the new iPhone.

Dept and why the US is going down

Jacki Zehner, former partner at Goldman Sachs, has but together a very comprehensive table that shows the situation the United States is in right now. In order to make the mind boggling numbers easier to unterstand the second table shows the same figures only adjusted to fit a single family household. Judge for yourself: Here is why S&P downgraded the US credit rating.

European Banks to Lower Guaranteed Deposits

Here is another sign of trouble ahead in Europe: The German Association of Bankers has suggested to lower the minimum guaranteed deposits for client accounts. Currently clients with an account with a German financial institution enjoy protection from bankrupcy of their first 1.5 million Euros, roughly $2 million. This amount is now suggested to be lowered to 437500 Euros or $590000. It would also lower the bank’s reserve funds while more…

Asia: Ready to Bounce (YGE)

Remember the days when the world marvelled at photovoltaics as the future hightech product – typically from hightech countries like Germany? When stocks of solar panel makers would rocket into the sky? Yes, those were the days. Recently solar posterchild Solyndra went bankrupt and Germany’s largest solar module manufacturer, Solarworld, voiced a complaint about unfair competition from China. The centralized Communist nation subsidizes domestic producers with cheap loans. One of more…

Business Strong for Cruise Ship Operators (CCL RCL)

In yesterday’s sluggish markets shares of Carnival Corporation traded up over 5%. The cruise ship operator has seen firm demand for its offering of trips on board of 101 ships equipped with everything from casinos to swimming pools and movie theaters. Strong ticket prices and lower-than-expected costs helped drive its third-quarter net income up 3% beating expectations on Wall Street. Earnings came in at $1.34 billion, or $1.69 per share, more…

Asia: COGO Largest Winner

Since COGO was founded in 1995, the company has evolved from a distribution company to a customized design solution provider. Their client base has grown to over 200 companies with names like Alcatel-Lucent, Huawei, Haier, Levono, and Philips representing some of the largest manufacturers in the mobile handset and telecom equipment industries. COGO offers their clients over 500 module design solutions integrating key components from many leading suppliers. Reported quarterly more…

China to the Rescue, or Europe for Sale

China has a one-party government and is known to crack down on political opposition. The interest of many is more important than the interest of the individual. And the Communist Party decides what exactly is in the interest of the majority. Western-style freedom and democracy are perceived as a brief episode in history. An error that will ultimately correct itself if you will. But neither an incompatible political system nor more…

Gold Treasures Drive Business (BID CTG)

Collectors beware! There is new competition in the market for precious metals. Selling prices at Sotherby’s or Christie’s used to be determined by the value to collectors. This was also true for items made from gold and silver. But as commodity and precious metal prices reach ever-new highs auction houses report an increasing number of buyers who are interested in the weight of an object. After the auction they are more…

Statement of G7 Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors

  In order to calm the markets the Finance Ministers of the G7 countries and the Central Bank Governors have released the following statement today: In the face of renewed strains on financial markets, we, the Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors of the G-7, affirm our commitment to take all necessary measures to support financial stability and growth in a spirit of close cooperation and confidence. We are committed more…

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